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I had icons on my bookmarks bar in Chrome. For example the icon for Facebook was the little blue box with an F in it, the Twitter icon had the little bird, Gmail and Yahoo mail had the mail icons. I recently had to uninstall Chrome and successfully imported my websites into IE 11. Now, none of the icons are showing up on my favorites bar like in Chrome. I can get the icons back but the only fix I have found is to add each website again on the favorites bar and then the icon shows up.

I have been searching forever for a fix to this problem, aside from doing it manually, so any suggestions appreciated.

P.S. I had to completely uninstall Chrome after using it for years and years since it suddenly kept crashing my system, despite trying re-installs multiple times.


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as far as i know there isn't a quick fix for the icons not appearing although if you create a Google account then everytime you re-install Chrome your settings and favourites will follow you.

Thanks for the info. Had a feeling that was the case.

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