Im having trouble with "ethernet controller" driver

Hello guys!
Im having trouble on the ethernet controller driver!
I just reinstalled Win 7
and after that, i cant connect to the internet!
I cant even update the driver
because i get an error when i update it!
How can i fix it?!? i dont even have an internet connection!
Im using my ipod touch to post this...
I dont know the manufacturer beacuse it says "unkown"!
Please guys healp me!


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
This first thing you'll need to do is identify that actual device.
Open device manager and right click the problem device and choose properties.
Select the details tab, use the drop down to change from Device description to Hardware Ids
Right click the contents of the "Value" box and select all, right click it again and copy.
Open notepad or similar and paste it, print it.
Open a search engine and type in the top value and you should be able to determine the manufacturer and model number and from there you should be able to locate a driver.
How you get it to your PC where you need it, is another matter. It'll likely involve using another computer to download it and then burn it to a DVD / CD, or USB thumb drive, so ......
Maybe get a friend, family member, neighbor, associate, complete stranger, sworn enemy.... involved.

Does this method work?
download on Android phone and take the memory card with a card reader?


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I would assume the first question would be......
Were you able to identify the device properly and locate the proper driver for your version of Windows?
If so, then I would give it a try and see.
Windows Phone 8.1 user so I'm not sure how Android would work using a browser to obtain the driver and then placing it onto your SD Card to move it to a reader on the Windows Machine. It sounds like a logical sequence but as I said I do not know for sure.

I finally found a driver
With the hardware : PCI/VEN_1969&dev_1083&SUBSYS_847103&REV_C0
do i need to move this to my usb and install it in the pc?
does it needs internet connection to install in my pc?


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Source for driver Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Just pick your version of Windows and click the arrow.
As far as where to put it.....
Anywhere, that you can then attach to your PC.
does it needs internet connection to install in my pc?
If you have the driver on an external resource..... USB drive, CD, DVD, ThumbDrive, etc., It should install fine. You may want or need to extract the driver first and then point the driver update to the .inf file.

I'll give it a try :D

thanks! it finally solved my problem! thanks for the help bro! :D


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Glad to hear that you were able to resolve you issue. Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with that information.
Good work and we're here should you need anything further.
Good luck.

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