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First post. I found this thread and site by googling "installing windows 7 fresh upgrade" and I'm very excited to try this when I build my i7 system in the coming weeks. Great find!

Since Windows 7 has been out for 4 days now, and upgrade copies have been sold (I have my eye on an educationally priced Windows 7 Pro for $30) has anyone tried this little "hack" on Windows 7? I know the installers for 7 and Vista aren't that much different, but I'm just curious as to whether or not this little trick works on 7.

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wilndows 7 eva

i have windows 7 evealution and in trying to find out how i upgrade to windows 7 home :confused:

It Worked for me! Yes, I have a legit copy of XP Media center OEM, but I wanted to see if it would accept 2000 Pro as "proof". That was rejected, so I tried this "trick". I am up and running, and so far I like it better than any windows yet.
AN8 mobo; Athlon single core, 64-bit 3500+ @2.4ghz: 4gig RAM, RAM is Corsair XMS 400 speed; can only get Windows to "see" 2.5gig RAM. I have 3.4 Windows experience, I had 3.5 with RC-build 7100!
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I just did the "upgrade" as well. Had Windows 7 RC 32bit, booted from the upgrade disk and installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. No problems at all.



Has anyone here read the End User License Agreement?

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This validates your W7 upgrade key after a clean install a lot more rapidly than by re-installing W7.
To start off, click on Start and search "regedit". Run it as admin (right click - run as administrator) and follow these steps:

expand - HKEY_Local_MACHINE
expand - SOFTWARE
expand - Microsoft
expand - Windows
expand - CurrentVersion
expand - Setup
Click on: OOBE
Double click on: MediaBootInstall
Enter "0" as Value Data, check the base is haxadecimal and click "OK"

Then open the cmd-prompt - click on start and type "cmd" in search and run as admin (right click - run as administrator)
Type the following: Note there is a space before "slmgr" and another before "-rearm"

cscript.exe slmgr.vbs -rearm

Once the command is entered, press "ENTER", restart the computer and activate your valid key (Start - right click on computer - Properties).
This tip was provided to me through customer support so its super-legal!
Best regards.

For what its worth; I built a new computer for a friend and all he had was the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade he had pre-purchased back in March.

I installed it without a hitch at all! No problems, no asking for previous CD or product key. This was a total new clean install also! Plus I didn't have to use any of the registry hacks listed on the Paul Thurrott Super WinSite.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Checked it out. Nice post, I'll save it for future reference.


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