Install Windows 10 with BIOS Legacy Mode


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currently windows 10 is installed with UEFI mode in my ASUS notebook. the harddisk is in GPT partitioning style. so when i turn on my notebook, i am getting ASUS logo while booting up instead of the blue coloured windows logo.

i want to make a clean installation of windows to bring back the windows logo while booting up.

just learned that the UEFI system causes the disappearance of the windows logo.

how can i make a clean installation of windows with Bios Legacy mode?



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Hi Simoom,
I don't think it's the GPT partition thats causing the flash screen but a setting in the Bios. You should be able to turn it off. I'm running a UEFI bios and I see the win logo just fine although If I wish i can go into the bios and enable the Gigabyte flash screen instead.


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Hi Simoom, Kemical is right. I don't know what brand your motherboard is but I can enable or disable mine in the boot section.



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Sorry Simoom, I missed the part of you having a ASUS.


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This isn't a bug. This is normal behavior for a UEFI boot.

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