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Hi All,

I had to replace my hard drive last week and I've had so many issues with regards to re installing Windows 7 (64). At first it was because of a bad media type, from the burn I did on another computer. So I rectified that by burning the iso with another computer. All seemed good but my install would get to about 90% and then error out saying that files were corrupt or missing. After many hours of searching Google and trying different fixes, I saw a video from Youtube that said the issue was because of bad RAM. However, I ran a diagnostics check on my RAM and all 12 GB of it were a-ok. So back to Google I went and the same guy in a different Youtube video went on about how there are some computers, or hard drives, that are not able to install Windows 7 home premium. He suggested installing Professional. I did that and low and behold the installation was finally a success. However, I cannot use my registration key now because it is not compatible with Professional for obvious reasons.

So now what? It's not like I can simply re install Home Premium because it flat out won't! I tried changing the values to Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM as the ProductName as well as the EditionID to HOMEPREMIUM, as suggested by another forum thread that I came across. This did not work either as my key is still not accepted.

Please, one of you Gurus must know of a fix for me to downgrade my Windows 7 version. I have to find a fix and I can't afford to keep buying hard drives and different Window versions.

Kind Regards from a very frustrated guy,



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Despite common conception, Microsoft is rather customer friendly. My recommendation would be to stick with Professional, it's better than Home; if your copy is legitimate tell Microsoft what happened, have all product keys available, and get your Professional ok.

Vice verse, if you really want to downgrade, go the other way around. However it may be, Microsoft is the key - don't believe anyone who offers some "simple solutions".

Hi Pauli,

First of all, thanks for the response. I contacted a MS techy online and at the end of the conversation, before he ended the session without warning, he told me to buy another version. So, not only will they not back their product, they'll charge me an extra $100+ CAD to get another version. When I first bought 7 HP, it was over $200 CAD. I cannot afford buying multiple versions of Windows and now I'm going to have a great big paper weight in 21 days. I would run Linux instead except for the fact that I have other software that is dependent upon Windows, expensive software too.

I am so frustrated by windows and MS right now. Do I have to resort to less desirable methods to get a key?


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It's not that unusual for Windows not to install. It may take several tries. The main question is, do you have a legitimate Windows disc? If you have, installation and activation should work. Did you burn the ISO from Microsoft, or some other source? "Other source" could be a problem.

I don't really believe the "bad RAM", and I do dislike the MS person's behavior. And, changing names or numbers are actually cheap tricks, I wouldn't recommend them. If it's there, it's there - if not, then not.

If you have a good relation with a retailer, he / she could help.

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