Installed/Ran an unknown application


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let me start by saying I didn't know this was an illegal app or something, I simply had a problem with updates. Whenever i would run update, it would detect two updates and then often would fail downloading and installing one or two and rarely would install them and then restart and the update window would pop up again detecting the same two updates.

I did a search for the error code '80070422' and after a while I landed on a page telling me to run this thing called 'timernukeuninstall.cmd'. I downloaded and ran it and hasn't solved the issue.

However I downloaded it from here

TimerNuke Uninstall and Removal Script for Windows 7 and Server 2008 My Digital Life

and then there is a link on that page that leads to the download

Free File Hosting & Video Downloads, Free File Sharing, Online Friends Network - Ziddu

Didn't know this was going to create this fuss but can anyone verify if this is a safe app or should I format the windows 7 and reinstall if it is a rootkit virus or some other thing. thanks


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thanks. I am using RC version of windows 7 but this update problem is quite annoying and a lot of people are having the same problem. I am using a genuine windows copy.

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