Intel 915GV driver (no aero support) how can I get aero to work?

I have a HP Pavillion A1120N, with a INTEL 915GV chipset.

Windows 7 looks like crap on it, it seems to not recognize any support for Aero, despite being direct x 9 compatible. So wtf gives? How can I get aero to work on it? How the hell can people talk about how great Windows 7 is when it doesn't work properly on computers with older chipsets that are only 4-5 years old? and doesn't seem to recognize a lot of drivers properly! It's not BETA's near the release..and this is all they have to show for windows 7, are you serious? Everything worked fine in Windows XP. So much for all the hype about Windows 7...

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Please provide as much information you your video card.

You can try this:

Go to Start > Search Files and Folders, type in Fix problems, then choose Fix Problems with transparency and visual effects.

Yes, it is out of beta, but don't judge it as many of these problems will be fixed in the RTM version.

You also have to understand that companies that write drivers are developing new drivers for Windows 7.

It says:
"The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver."

I appreciate the response, but Windows & Intel has had a hold on the computer industry for awhile, due to them saying Intel 915 chipsets won't support WDDM, which isn't the truth. As many windows vista beta users with this chipset had aero working on their computers (before windows made it a requirement to have a WDDM compatible driver).
There's currently a lawsuit about this going on: Microsoft | Vista lawsuit spotlights ties between Microsoft, Intel | Seattle Times Newspaper


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I don't know how old that article is but Windows 7 was never mentioned in it.

You can try this:

Go to Start > Search files and folders, type in Fix problems, then choose Fix Problems with transparency and visual effects.

This will bring up the Aero trouble shooter and perform tests to see if Aero is supported.

OR , you could try the chipset update:

Intel® Driver Update Utility

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