Intermittant BSOD possibly related to wireless adapter

Here's the bsods I got while trying to run ten instances of tf2, each in their own sandbox (the task I found to always cause a bsod if I was using 4 sticks at 1333 or higher):
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Sorry to be dense but could you summarize the main point I should be taking from that thread or link the specific post I should be referring too? Did you mean this post?:
Did i follow bad advice for getting RAM to run at 1600? - Memory - Motherboards-Memory

I've actually been running it at 2T command rate no matter what other settings I've changed as I've heard its important to stability. He also says to up nb/cpu to 1.2-1.25 and dram to 1.55-1.6 (mine already defaults to 1.6). I tried 1.2 on the nb/cpu and it didn't seem to help, was scared to go higher than that.

But in essence it looks like hes saying just run it at the spec timings but at 1333 instead of 1600? Correct? (Edit: just saw the part about knocking the FSB up to 240 to run at 1600. I'll probably just use the settings I'm testing now if it works since I don't want to degrade the IMC. A loss that is likely negligible seems a fair trade for cpu longevity.) If that's the case I'll probably just stick to what I'm doing now, which is 6-6-6-16 at 1066 assuming it will work. No random bsods yet which I was getting at 1600. I'm checking now to see if I can force a bsod with the memory intensive task that caused it when I was running 8-8-8-24 @ 1333.

(Edit: just saw the part about knocking the FSB up to 240 to run at 1600. I'll probably just use the settings I'm testing now if it works since I don't want to degrade the IMC. A loss that is likely negligible seems a fair trade for cpu longevity.)

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Okay, well good news for me, 6-6-6-16 @ 1066 appears to be stable and bsod free. Additionally it actually beats 9-9-9-24 @ 1600 in some games according to this (and isn't far behind in application speeds like winrar compression):
Gaming And PCMark Vantage Results : DDR3 Memory Scaling On AMD's Phenom II X4

I'd still like to know as much as I can about this memory quandary, and anything I can do to help you guys with this issue would be my pleasure in return for all the help I have received. So I'll still be checking into this thread occasionally.


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Glad to hear your bsod free.. If I turn up any info on this I'll be sure to post..


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I am really not the resident memory expert and this is just a shot in the dark, kinda one person's opinion. As an owner of G-Skill Ripjaws memory it is my thoughts that it is slightly over spec'd for the low voltage of 1.5V (that is their 1333 memory and higher) and then you have people like us looking for work arounds to get it to work reliably at all, let alone at the published specs of 9,9,9,24, 2T 1.5V and then further worry about bumping up the voltage one tenth of one volt DC to 1.6V and trying to decide what might be the long term consequences overall to their equipment.
Personally, If I had any real long term concerns I'd dumb down the frequency to 533Mhz (1066) and set the timings to 7,7,7,20, 2T and leave all voltages everywhere else on the board at default / normal. And see what happens.
I really don't suspect that what they are calling 1600MHz memory is truly that at all and might only ultimately come close to that performance if using either Intel's XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) or AMD's Black Edition equivalent (maybe called AMP) which are actually sort of silent behind the scenes memory overclocking.
You can drive yourself crazy obsessing over JEDEC specifications and reading endless tech articles but the bottom line for me is I want my memory to work as advertised and I don't really want to have to go through endless contortions to make that happen. I will likely purchase either Kingston or Crucial for my next build and see how that works. Not saying that their is anything particularly bad about Gskill, I suspect some of the blame may go towards the MoBo and the cryptic references to supported memory and O/C'd notations, which I suspect goes ignored by many until times like these, I just want my life to be simpler and my computer not Blue Screening for no apparent reason, which turns out to be, not bad memory actually, but a very subtle and pain in the butt to find, one tenth of one volt D.C.

Yup, feels good to be running smooth! Thanks for your diagnosing expertise in narrowing down my problem kemical. Thanks for your help as well Trouble, and I agree. I'm not sure who to blame manufacturer-wise, but it seems like this whole problem should have been a non-existent issue or that there should be information available making it clear that I cannot reach those advertised speeds with my setup.

Edit: Oh, by the way, is there any way I can rep you guys or something similar for your contributions?

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Thanks Taydee but just glad we could help :)

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