BSOD Only When Using HTC Vive w/ Wireless Adapter and Steam VR


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First, thanks to any who read this and attempt to help. Second, apologies if I didn't follow the instructions correctly, but I read the stickied thread and believe I did.

Now to my issue. I get the same BSOD error fairly consistently and only when using my HTC Vive with the wireless adapter. It runs through Steam VR. It did not occur prior to the addition of the wireless adapter. I finally wiped, reinstalled windows, and updated the bios, but it is still happening, so I would imagine it is hardware related.

I am able to use the Vive for several hours sometimes (typically after a fresh boot). If I use my computer heavily and then use the Vive without a fresh boot, that is when I tend to get the BSOD. However, even without a fresh boot, sometimes I can play for an hour or two before the BSOD occurs. And occasionally it will occur even with a fresh boot.

Again, much appreciation to any who read/investigate this, and any who attempt to help. If there are any questions, let me know.




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