Windows 7 internet lag [+tf2]


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Jan 20, 2009
hi guys, i instaled windows seven and now my ping on tf2 is like 100, before with xp was like 40, 50. many other guys doesnt have this problem are there any fix, update or stuff to fix it? :(

First thing I would try, update your network drivers. 2, if you have another PC, try making that PC a local TF2 server, and then connecting to that PC via the network, and see if you still get a high ping. If that doesn't work, can you post your system specs?

btw, I'm a fellow tf2 player. ;) steamid fiveofeight

Hey there,

I've been running W7 for about a month now without any major problems. Everything work(ed) properly and I was rather pleased about it all.
Just recently I reinstalled CoD4, manually updated punkbuster (as it didn't update itself for some reason).
All is well apart from my ping.
I play from my home in The Netherlands on european servers but my ping is anywhere between 120 and 240.
TF2 hasn't given me any ping problems at all, same story with WoW, no problems there.

System specs you can check under my username.
Got all the latest windows updates, the newest drivers for the LAN and graphics and my internet speed is ~18MB/s.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is punkbuster is somehow causing lag, but even with my limited knowledge of software/hardware, this makes no sense at all. I know about the previous PB problems in W7, but everything seems to be fine apart from my ping.

Anyone got any idea's? Or is this a case of gremlins?