Internet on Toshiba laptop is very slow


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The internet on my laptop is randomly extremely slow on wifi. For instance, when I run a speed test, the download speed will be around 15 Mbps which is normal performance and a few minutes later will not even crack 1 mbp.

No other computer on my network is as slow as this. I'm posting from my iPad because I can't even get to this site.

I have an extra router from my ISP and I switched to that but nothing improved.

I tried different browsers such as IE and Firefox and it's still slow. None of the browsers have any addons or toolbars.

I ran a full scan on Window Defender and Malwarebytes and neither found anything.

I have 4 GB of ram and one third of it is in use at any given time.

I went to a Starbucks across the street from my house and got on their wifi but it still was very slow.

My ISP suggested that my network card may be faulty but Toshiba says it's not because if it was, I'd be kicked off the internet entirely, which isn't the case and they won't fix it even though it's still under warranty.

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The wifi data rate isn't related to browser or other software, although it's good that you checked to determine that those common sources of speed issues aren't the cause of your problem. The data rate is basically driven by the quality of the signal and limited by the hardware. You don't get knocked off the Internet because your connection is too slow. It sounds like somebody at Toshiba doesn't want to honor the warranty.


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I went to the Toshiba website and downloaded a more recent driver and speeds went back to normal.

... or it could be due to a bad driver.:)

Thanks for getting back about it being fixed.

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