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I am trying to fix a Samsung laptop for a friend. She admits to having 'fiddled' with the networking applets in Control Panel with the result that neither LAN nor Wi-fi functions any more.

I have noticed that I am unable to use the GUI to access IPv4 Properties because the button is greyed out. Also greyed out is Uninstall. The only button available is Install. I have tried that, but after rebooting the situation appears to be the same.

I have tried using the command prompt as Administrator and using NETSH to uninstall IP, install it, reset it etc, rebooting every time but without any noticeable change afterwards. Also tried NETSH WINSOCK RESET after the above.

I have also tried the above in recovery mode with networking enabled. Again, no change!

Unfortunately, the model does not have a CD drive. However, it has USB ports. Fortunately, I do have a generic 32-bit Win 7 Home Premium CD - which is the operating system installed on the PC. So I could copy the CD in one way or another to an external USB drive and work from that if necessary. If I knew what I had to do!

There is a lot of valuable data on the PC and I don't want to be responsible for losing it. Of course, I could try backing it all up but she has saved stuff all over the place and I am bound to miss something! Yes, I could copy the entire disk ...... I know!! But we would still have to find and retrieve the data later.

So I would much prefer to fix this seemingly simple problem in situ, rather than reinstall Windows in a way that would wipe the disks of data.

Any help or enlightenment would be much appreciated!


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There are network troubleshooters you might try. If they find anything, they will give you a list of what was repaired.


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Failing all else you may try and in-place upgrade repair install.
How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2
That will likely leave most everything regarding her personal data intact. I would still, and always, make sure I had a current, complete and verifiable backup of all critical data, even if that required a complete image of her system. Better safe than sorry.
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Don't know if you've sorted this out yet but if not have a look at my post under the heading Win7 - No IP4 posted earlier today in this same forum. It worked brilliantly for me.

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