Windows 10 Is there any way to run command line tools at startup , while hidden?


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Is there any way to run command line tools at start up while keeping them hidden?

I am working on a PHP script that will share a Windows scanner with MacOS, Linux and Android over the eSCL/Airscan protocol. There is at least one tool "dns-sd" (Apple Bonjour) that I need to launch as a command line, from what I can tell.

I currently start this in startup folder

I was wondering if there is a way to run such a command line hidden at start up. Also I would not need Apache or other web server if I can do the same with running the PHP development server.

I do not want the user to be able to close these windows

Any suggestions?



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It does not seem to want to run that way at startup. I can manually start it but not with the hidden window option either.


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If you're trying to run anything pre user logon you'll need to use an account that can run outside of a user context such as system.