is this illegal???

i have "windows trust" installed on my laptop wish is a modified and not legal version of windows XP... now i want to stop using windows illegaly so i want to download ubuntu and install it... but is it illegal to do that using windows?? i mean downloading and burning ubuntu to a dvd doing all that under an illegal version of windows xp

i want a definite answer

thank you


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Well as the os is already on your system you'll have to use it to get legal so I shouldn't think there would be an issue moving over to Ubuntu or burning off a copy (as long as it works ok of course)

There are no legal issues on the Linux side. Using an illegal version of Windows to burn a DVD is no different from using an illegal version of Windows to do anything else.

BTW, if you're putting Linux on an old XP machine with limited resources, check out Mint Xfce. You have access to the Ubuntu library but get a very polished, XP-like version of Linux that will run well with limited resources.


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i want a definite answer
How legal something is depends on what legal system you are working under, which typically defaults to the country you live in or can be defined by other things such as job or custodial sentence i.e. are you in prison or the military.

For example China does not care if you use unlicensed Microsoft products so that overrules the end licence agreement.

Your legal options are;

A. Purchase windows xp from someplace like ebay or a garage sale for whatever price you consider to be fair.

B. Switch to Linux.

C. All of the above… they get along just fine.

Ubuntu or Mint?

Ubuntu is designed to work well with windows (at least in legacy) and has tools for reading windows drives which are useful to people that want to be able to repair the system if (let’s be honest and say when) windows becomes unstable. Because it is popular with computer fix it people, they generally know what they are doing and it enjoys a reputation as being very stable… which it is.

Mint is designed to look like windows and is also stable… perhaps not as well respected. it is for people that have used windows before or just want a system that works well without asking questions which they don’t know the answer too i.e. “are you sure you want to do that Dave?”


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About Linux and other Open Source material, there is something about copyrights: one is NOT allowed to use Open Source AND restrict it through copyrights = copyrights attached to Open Source are illegal = making a program based on Open Source, with copyright, is forbidden. As is money making, other than based on costs. That part of the IT camp is free of cost.

It's a matter of principle, and do correct me if I'm all wrong. :cool: I do use Windows 7...

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