ISP Changed. PC becomes disconnected to the internet


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Hi guys!
Newbie here.

I need help. Here's the scenario:

We have two Internet Provider. Both are given static internet address. We have two departments using it:
say Dept A uses Internet A and Dept B uses Internet B.
Both also are configured to give addresses belonging to network for LAN. Internet A provides DHCP of and B gives 192.168.100-150. There are times that A becomes unstable/disconnected so what i do is i transfer the connection to the network of B. Now some computers adapt to the new network and dont lose connection while others i still need to do releasing and renewal of ip address or i re-plug their network cable to have a connection. How is that?


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"i transfer the connection to the network of B." Do you mean by this that all devices are permanently connected to both routers by separate network connections and you assign one or the other or are you physically unplugging devices from one router and connecting to another. I either case an IP address assigned by router A is not going to be listed in the lookup table in router B so when a device is re-assigned from A to B it must always obtain an address via DHCP which will be valid for the new router.


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If you get a router/gateway that supports two wan links in either failover or round robin and then consolidate your networks in to one segment based on the assumption it appears you don't have a ton of hosts with those small dhcp pools. This way if one of your wan links go down there shouldn't any added configuration on your part and no service interruption.