Issues recovering data via SATA USB Wire

Hello all,

After 5 years of use, my college laptop (Windows Vista) finally gave up on me a couple of months ago. Each time at start up, it would automatically go to the blue screen of death and never get past that point. I wound up getting a new laptop (ASUS S500CA) operating on windows 8, and now I'm attempting to recover some of my files from the old hard drive. After a little reading, I discovered that you can pull the old drive, connect it to another computer via a USB cable, and attempt to recover the data on the drive. So I ran down to the local best buy and picked up an Apricorn SATA Wire. Here's the problem. Every time I hook the hard drive up to the computer via the USB wire, my computer instantly goes to a blue screen and goes into a cycle of restarting itself over and over. Does this mean that my old hard drive is just too far gone to recover, or is there another method that I can try?

Any help is appreciated. (Disclaimer: I'm familiar with the basics of computer operation, but I am by no means a techie, so bear with me if it requires anything too complicated)



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Try booting something like Knoppix from a live CD and see if its accessible there.


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I have had some luck with data retrieval by placing the volume in the freezer for about 1/2 hour or 45 minutes. If this does work you must work diligently as when the drive warms up it stops working again.

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