Windows 7 issues


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ok i installed 7 as a dual boot with xp and i have some questions 1st is how do i get my gadgets to start with windows ? 2nd where are gadget settings ? when i search in start menu and click on anything to do with sidebar or gadgets nothing opens. 3rd i have had to go into task manager several times and restart explorer.exe because it just stops working or freezes ? can i fix that ? have they released an explorer.exe fix yet ? I hate to thinnk what ppl are going through with that who dont know anything about computers ! 4th I also need to take ownership of several access denied files but there is no take ownership and the reg enteries ppl came up with wont work in 7. Oh i should mention that im using x64 so that maybe part of my problem. 5th Another issue is the administrator thing, lots of times i was asked to log in as admin to do stuff. the run as admin rc doesnt work so ive had to go into safe mode and change my status to admin to be able to get around but im still being denied access to alot of stuff. And this creates a security issue being logged in as admin all the time. So if anyone can help me out with some of this stuff i wouls appriciate it. Oh and my dvd player sometimes stops working for no reason i can get it back with some fiddling but why is that happening ?
If gadgets aren't starting it's because you turned UAC all the way off.
There's no "fix explorer.exe" patch. If it isn't working, it's because it's beta software.

To become full admin, type "cmd" into the search in start menu, right click the cmd file, run as admin.
Then, type "net user administrator activate:yes" without the quotes and hit enter. It'll elevate you to admin.

Reg entries are locked for the most part.
As for the DVD player, no idea. Might just be a bad connection?