Windows 7 Java JRE doesn't install right


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Jan 14, 2009
I'm running the 64-bit version and I can't get the java jre to work right. I've used the online installer and the manual installer and while they both install, they don't properly work (a java applet in my webmail doesn't load at all). Any ideas?
It appears the x64 version of JRE doesn't support applets. Sun recommends downloading the 32bit version.
(However, I can't verify that as I#m running 32bit Windows)
I downloaded the 32-bit jre (manual) and nothing changed. The 32-bit online installer refuses to run for some reason.
I had no problems downloading or installing JRE on either the 32-bit or 64-bit.. I did an online install for each and everything seems to be running fine still.. odd...
It appears that you need to install manually on windows 7 and choose your own destination. I already had a java folder, and I'm guessing jre was trying to install itself in a preexisting folder. I was unsuccessful in installing until I created a new destination within the java folder. Try that. Hope it works.
Same story as radenight. I have installed 32bit and 64bit java (For IE8 -64Bit and minefield) numerous times for Windows 7 with no problems.
Fwiw. I have overinstalled, often, into the same folder.) The difference in the two is not OS dependant. Maybe you are aware, But you need the 64bit for 64Bit programs and 32Bit for 32bit programs, either of which could exist in the OS, whether it is 64 or 32Bit.
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