Java version 7 update 6

So I have Java version 7, update 5. Trying to update to 6 and keep running into a problem. It's giving me an error saying that it can't find this file:


I searched my entire computer, it's not there. And I can't do the update without it evidently, I tried searching the Java site and get nowhere. I tried doing a google search again with nothing with the exception of this forum being in the search results. lol

Try uninstalling java then re-installing it.

I'm apprehensive about doing this. The last time when I upgraded from Java 6 to Java 7, it caused all kinds of problems and 6 wouldn't uninstall all the way, making it impossible to properly install 7. I had to have a family member who's more knowledgeable over here to fix it cause I was unable to do it on my own, though I tried.


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Hi Java is having some security issues right now, if you can live without it for a while I would. I uninstalled mine temporarily today. I didn't have any problem uninstalling it in the normal way., I've tried to fix this 6 times?

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Mike may be right, but I don't have any knowledge.

But the .msi file is the installer, is it not? And the installer for update 5, probably....

I don't even have Java installed on my system, but there is probably an installer folder where the installer files are archived.


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Disabling JAVA did'n't work.
It was what caused the problems with my post above and made other services not work.
I couldn't upload to my online image storage etc.

So I had to relent and reinstall it to get my browser to work correctly.

But I didn't have any trouble reinstalling it.


Helo Queina,
to Windows 7 Forums,

You should be able to remove it via Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel. Remove anything that says Java and/or Oracle.
The Java folder is located in C:/Program Files/Oracle
The Java Control Applet ls located in Control Panel/Programs

Hope this helps


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The security problem of Java 7 is / was real,

I first read about it in my morning paper, yesterday. Just minutes ago, I noticed the problem has been solved with Java 7.7. Updating to that should bring you back to your comfort. Altogether, the security breach was limited, in Finland it only concerned one Bank, a couple of Ticket sellers - a more serious thing was Open Office... this time the gap included more than Microsoft, it also devoured Mac and Linux. Getting heavier?

But 7.7 should be safe. Until the next tsunami comes...

OK, I'm having the same problem and found this thread. I can't update Java, nor can I uninstall it, because each process requires the jre1.7.0_05.msi file, which I don't seem to have. And, unfortunately, I need it for work. Any suggestions on how to start over again with this )^%# plugin?


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How do I uninstall Java on my Windows computer ?

If these instructions do not work, consider Revo Uninstaller to rid of it completely from the registry and file system. You should be able to run a trial of the software to accomplish this one task.

I'm doing that now. I have two files to uninstall, Java 7 Update 5, and JavaFX 2.1.1. I was going to try to find the file on my laptop or husband's computer, but neither had it, so I hope this worksl! At first I got the same error uninstalling with Revo, but after exiting from the error window, it continued to uninstall. The Moderate & Advanced uninstall options showed over 2,000 registry items, but I was too scared to delete that many, so I went withe the Safe uninstall; there were only 26 registry items. I'm rebooting now to see what happens...

Well, both Java files are gone from the Add/Remove Programs list, but I get the same error when trying to reinstall it.

Window #1: The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.

Enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'jre1.7.0_05-c.msi' in the box below.

My path shows: AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jre1.7.0_05 (this folder is empty)

When I click OK, I get another window telling me it can't be found or I don't have access (I do). When I Cancel out of it, I get:

Error 1714. The older version of Java 7 Update 7 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.

Any suggestions?? I have a program that's dependent on it I need for work.

Next fix worked. I searched Error 1714 and found this link: Error 1714. The older version of Java cannot be removed.. There are 3 fix suggestions, the first being to uninstall Java. If I could, I wouldn't be searching the entire universe on how to uninstall it.

The 2nd suggestion was to use a Microsoft FixIt, so I tried that. I never had one work before, but this one did. If you need to run this utility again, you'll find you can't, it just goes to the last screen you saw the last time you used it. But, you can copy the download file and name it something different, like copy1, copy2, etc. I did this for each of the files, and saw they were removed from the Add/Remove Programs list.

I was finally able to install Java, then rebooted. But, my program kept asking for it, even though it was there, and it was working on the Java test page in Firefox. I had to add "java.exe" to my list of allowable programs my firewall could access. Just do a search, it'll come up in a few folders.

I was able to get the program to open in IE, but not Firefox yet, despite the working test page. I'll work on that later, I need to get the work done I was supposed to have finished this morning!


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Could you folks explain to me how you ended up with problems installing Version 7. I currently seem to have version 6 installed, and it updated on 9/1/2012.

Since I do not yet have it, I could try, just to see what happens. Basically, tell me exactly what you did and I will try to duplicate. I presently have Java 6 installed on this system.

I had a program tell me I needed to install Java, even though it was already installed. But, I couldn't install 7 over the current version I had on my computer, which was 7, I think, since I just got this computer a month ago. And, I couldn't uninstall it the regular way, hence all the problems...

So, if I were you, I'd just go to Manage Add-Ons to see if it says your Java is up to date. Firefox said mine wasn't, so I started there, trying to update it. When you update it, you download a new file, and that was the file I couldn't install. See Post #12 above. Then read Post #13. These were the steps I took to finally get it working, on Internet Explorer at least. I still have to figure out Firefox.

Hopefully, you won't have these problems!


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Java 7 has security issues. It's not a matter of programs working or not, nor your convenience, nor updates, it is a matter of security that may affect everyone - starting from your personal bank account. You may loose your bank keys, or whatever.

EVERYONE should update their Java to 7.7. This is a matter of common responsibility - if you want to give your money to me, feel free. No problems there. But if you want to take care of others, update the blasted Java.


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I just install the Java 7 on both my machines. One did not previously have a version of Java, and the other one had version 6. But I was going straight to version 7.7, so no possibility with any conflicts with a previous Version 7 update. And we are talking about the 32 bit version, since I do not run the 64 bit version of the browsers.

The jxpiinstall.exe file that downloads is a little smaller than the one for Version 6. On my system it was indicated by a (1) since the older one was still in the same directory.

But the install on both systems looked the same. I saw no extra steps required to install new vs. upgrade.

On the upgrade, I did have to restart my system to get it completed and show in the add-ons in Firefox, just restarting the browser was not enough.

shriba, the install puts the add-ons in both Firefox and Explorer at the same time. It is not really a Firefox install, but a Java install. The Java panel in the Control Panel Don mentioned, shows the add-on option for the browsers on the advanced tab. This panel also has a logging option, if you might decide to try that.

Everyone has to use their best judgement regarding their systems. But if I was having problems, and had problems with earlier versions of something, I would try the Uninstallers mentioned, but if that did not work, I would try to reinstall the earlier version and start over. If it would not reinstall, then I would search my system for any left over files or folders and delete them manually.

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Did you NOT read this thread. We ARE trying to update to 7 - BUT ARE HAVING ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS DOING IT! No wonder they're having security issues; I never had so many problems updating a freakin' add-on. GEEZ!!


If you already have 7 because of fresh installs, then you're OK. I'm still having problems with my program in Firefox, but it's not Java anymore. I got a prompt today asking to block the applet, so obviously I said No, and then an AdBlock window came up, but that wouldn't affect it, and then the program said they were experiencing difficulties - so I think I'm good on Firefox. It just took HOURS yesterday to figure out how to uninstall the old Java, so I could get the update. That's why I posted the steps I took (see above in Post #12 and the one after), in case they can save anyone some time and frustration. I had to use Revo, and that didn't uninstall them all, so I used a Microsoft FixIt download to finish it., and then bookmarked the pages for the next time, because there probably will be. Thankfully we have these forums everywhere, or I still wouldn't have it installed!

Java has been trying to update for at least a week...

It gets so far along and then I get this message:
"The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource
that is unavailable.

Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder
containing the installation package jre.1.7.0_05-c.msi"

When I do a search, I find the folder... however, when I
browse within that message box for the source, it's not

My husband is uncomfortable with the idea of removing
Java completely because he says that so many things
use Java to run?

I will greatly appreciate some suggestions/feedback?

I have no idea if this is a Java issue or something else.

Thanks Karen


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My wife is getting this on her computer now.
Every day is says Java needs to update and when I tell it to go ahead it always fails.
So far no luck.


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