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    Don't know which forum this thread belongs to. So, I ask here........

    Brief info:
    I have 2 laptops...... one runs Win 7, one runs Win 8.1
    Both laptops have 2 identical email accounts set up in WLM.... one POP bell.net account and one Hotmail.com account.
    I also have an Android tablet which has only one email account.......a Hotmail.com account.
    All 3 Hotmail.com accounts are identical in settings.

    Here is the puzzle......
    I can be working on a laptop, and the tablet is turned off.
    If there is an incoming Hotmail message, my tablet will sound the alert although it is turned off, and my laptop does not sound the alert until quite some time later. If I want to see the message on my laptop now I will have to click the Send/Receive button to download the Hotmail message.
    That scenario happens to both laptops.

    Seems to me that Hotmail messages go to my tablet first, laptops later, a lot later.
    Wonder if that is normal.

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