Just for fun!

Yes, Joe, I'm not sure it's worth it either, sometimes. Occasionally it's really quick, other times, like you say, could may as well hit Desktop tile or Win + D.

Dave, I just tried it. Changed nothing, still went to Start (1st) and for, @ least, as long as before, then, moved on to Desktop. I have deleted the task.

Not sure, yet, if I'll keep the go to Desktop thing... it's 'no touch' & 1 less click but... still enough of a moment on Start, could pick an App if I wanted I suppose but, as you say, Joe... it's, Still, enough time to hit the Desktop tile or Win + D, anyway. For now it's ok... never found landing on Start 1st was all that so horrid, anyway.


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Drew, Have you tried the link in my signature?

Now, I finally get what you're on about. And...??

I wonder if that's where or why I keep seeing Linkback notices in my Inbox

What was your original question to me about this? It's good but, short... remember, I have a copy of the shortcuts on the desk in front on me.



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I'm too old to remember back that far! LOL I do not remember, sorry!

Before y'all jump on me for being "Off Topic" remember that I titled this thread "Just for Fun". Eh?


Shampoo Warning

I don't know WHY I didn't figure this out sooner!
I use shampoo in the shower!
When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and
Printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning,

No wonder I have been gaining weight!
Well! I have gotten rid of that shampoo and
I am going to start showering with Dawn dish soap instead.
Its label reads,
Problem solved!
If I don't answer the phone, I'll be in the shower!

The Doctor :joyous:

OK, with that out of the way...... :)

One problem that I have on the Desktop screen that I've not heard anyone else comment about,
is that, I like to put my desktop icons in specific places, as I've been doing for oh so many years.

But in Win-8, in its current form, I have trouble getting the icons to stay put, when I reboot.
I've tried shutting down in several different ways and usually I come back after rebooting to find the last few icons that I created or moved,,, all jammed up on the left side of the screen. I have most of my icons where I want them but I have no idea why they stayed there. Big mystery to me. Can anyone shed some light on it???

The Doctor :cool:
PS: I now have the new Windows 7 Orb and start menu and so far I love it!

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What I'm showing you on mine is faded cus I keep no icons showing on my Desktop but, have both Auto Arrange Icons & Arrange to Grid unchecked
Maybe, this will solve the issue for you, I hope. Rt Clk on Desktop & > View


Isn't that 100% counter productive? The desktop was made for icons, at least 17 years ago now.
Didn't you get the memo?

Of course, I always UN-check "Align to grid". I want to align my own icons.

Somewhere, since installing Win-8/PP, several icons have gotten "Remembered" and are exactly where I put them.
But I have no idea WHY. ??? But in at least my last 20 or so reboots, they all want to align themselves in a new column just to the right of the home row (along the left side of the screen).

Cheeeech! This dang thing will be the death of me yet!


Sorry, it's all I could think to suggest that may have helped what you're seeing or getting. Likely not happening for me cus I don't display the Desktop icons.

I, suppose, but, it's, again, subjective & I've never cared for icons on top of pretty wallpapers & w/ Quick Launch, pinning & other things get to frequent things fast & easily & find no pain going to less frequently wanted items. Always a given that what works for 1, is appealing to 1, may not be another's cup of tea.



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"Isn't that 100% counter productive? The desktop was made for icons, at least 17 years ago now. "

True. That is how it was designed, almost from the first Windows. Hence it's name. But the main concept of Windows 8, as I understand it, is that the new "Desktop" is in fact, the Metro. The old desktop, as we new it, has now been relegated to an alternative program.

No, having a desktop covered in icons is more a lack of organization or logic. Logically, one makes aptly named folders & stores & places things in them, in an organized, makes sense way & locations... all neat, tidy & orderly. Rather than using the pretty desktop as a general drop zone.

As for emoting, mountainous hype, reams of discussion, bashing, focusing & dwelling on Start or the lack of 'orbs'... important things are, consequently miss, one fears. Desktop is where we live most of the time... Start, actually, very little... things oft needed/wanted get Pinned elsewhere, anyway. And manage all Apps from Desktop. But, aside from Start... under the covers, 8 has some damned funky technology that drastically & dramatically impacts, positively on performance. That & things a part of it or that grow out of it, that deserves the bulk of attention, far more than, Start or 'orbs'.

Don't shot the messenger. There doesn't have to be agreement.



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"No, having a desktop covered in icons is more a lack of organization or logic."
Difficult again reading your script(?) But , if this is your view, why are you in such praise of the Metro - it is exactly that!

Joe S

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I've got my desktop pretty well sorted out now. I've unpinned just about everything from the start menu except the desktop and explorer. The few apps I tried that looked like crap full screen and there is no close button. My only hand held device is a $15 TracPhone! It works fine for my needs.


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That is pretty much what I have done, Joe. I have left a few more than you though! After a bit of thought, I realised that there were only about five apps that I used on a regular basis - so those I have left.

Which ones could you not close, Joe?


Above is the desktop I just created on my third install of Win-8/PP.
I did not install any of the Win 7 Orb or Start Menu software. Nor, did I run any of my Win-7 tweaks.

Something I did before, really mucked up my browsers and I didn't want to repeat my mistakes.
Right now, both I.E. and FF are working GREAT.

Let me see if I can get this posted before I loose it for the fourth time.

PS: The Quick Shutdown button in the left end of the taskbar, does work and shuts down the PC in 6-8 Seconds.
For 17 years, we've gone to that corner to shut down our PC's, in Windows. So I just figgered that was the logical place for that icon.
Notice too, the 'Sol' icon at the top of the screen. That's old SOL from Windows XP.

Want a Program Files menu? Open the "Program Files" folder at the top of the screen. Find a program that you want to run all the time and just pin it to the desktop.

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Way ta go, mate! Good on you :encouragement:

Some of the shortcut icons (on the desktop) are, actually unnecessary, like FF, when it's, already, pinned to the taskbar. OR you might like placing things in Quick Launch... makes things really tidy & handy.

The Disc clean-up thingy... here's a better way for that which, will do all drives @ once.

> cmd, Run as Admin
type or paste in %SystemRoot%\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr
/sageset:65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535
, hit Enter
Hit OK on the window that appears, after checking all boxes the 1st time this is run...they stay checked when it is run subsequent times

Nice wallpaper photo, too :joyous:


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Read on.........… I already have Disk Cleanup on the desktop. Sageset ran on the first-run of the program. Then I deleted it so only /Sagerun is used on subsequent runs.
It can even be added to the end of my W8Cleanup batch file, and that whole batch file, or a shortcut to it can be added to the Startup folder or task manager, for unattended cleanup of the HD.
I've been doing this stuff for years, since '98.

I pretty well have it down pat.

I've been installing my cleanup routine in my customer's startup folders for years, to help keep their HD's clean of junk files.
Every day they get a free cleanup, compliments of The Doctor.

Next to install my email program,
Catch ya all later,
The Doctor :cool:

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Again, Just For Fun:

I have a vbScript in XP, that makes a new restore point every day. It runs from my Startup folder.

I downloaded a similar script for Win 7, and I wanted to use it here in Win-8, and it seems to run, but, no new restore point gets created. Catch 22? So just one more thing that MS modified in Win-8?
I can go into the System Restore app and make a new Restore point manually, and for now, I'll do that often, but I'd much rather get a new restore point every time I reboot, like I do in XP.

Do we have any VB Script guru's here?

Doc :cool:

PS: At least, Ghost 11.5 still works with Windows 8.

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Yesterday, while working in win-8/64, I realized that W8 had stopped saving the location of the desktop icons.
So I thought I'd just do a System Restore to the day before and I'd be OK.
HORRORS! All my restore points, even the ones that I'd made manually, were GONE!
I had to do a Ghost Restore back to the previous day, to get back to where everything was working the way I want.
That blew off a bunch of programs that I'd installed since I did that Ghost Backup.

I've had no luck, so far, determining which program it is that causes W8 to stop saving the location of the Desktop icons, on shutdown.
I know it's some program that I've installed, but I just can't figure out which one it is.

I was reminded of something that I'd read on another forum about XP and Win-7 not playing nice with each other,
if installed on the same PC. One would erase the Restore Points from the other.
For the past two days, I've had both my XP drive and my W8 drive connected to the mobo, and running at the same time.
I just selected which drive to boot from by using the F11 boot menu provided by my Motherboard, during boot-up.

Apparently, when I'd run XP, it would delete all the Restore Points off of the W8 drive. So, since I do use System
Restore, I won't be running the two drives concurrently any more.
Also, when I'd boot up with W8, it would do a scan/check of the other drive.

At least, I know for sure now, that Ghost 11.5 does work well for Windows 8/64.
I never install it on a hard drive, , , I only run it from a boot CD or Flash Drive.

Cheers Mates!

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