Just ran across this, maybe interesting?

The disk were given for free for a while and then Microsoft stepped in and shut them down. The links to purchase the disk were a result of an agreement between Microsoft and Neosmart.

Here is a little more detail. - Windows Recovery Discs Updated, Reinstated


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It seems to be a continuance of [copy]rights. Microsoft never really gave anything for free, one reason for Linux Troops to step forth. I think the most important thing to emphasize is, you people get yourself a proper and legal copy, that way you will have all support. I'm quite sure Microsoft will unable any and all shortcuts, whatever they may be, and whoever creates them.

Dunno, but perhaps this site could provide that kind of services? I mean, with Dell people coming and all, there might be a next step?

Its probably worth noting that anyone with access to Windows 7 and Vista(SP1), can burn their own disk. This repair disc will be for your bit version of all Windows editions. It's also my understanding Windows Vista and Windows 7 disc must be used specifically for their own OS.

Type "create" from the start menu search box (for Windows 7 not sure about Vista). You should see an option to "Create a System Repair Disc".

Create a system repair disc (Windows 7)
Create a System-Repair Disc in Windows Vista


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Just to put my nose deeper than I with all likeliness should (?), one of the main problems is - if not the main problem, that people don't
a. read manuals
b. read rules
c. check what they have actually bought, other than in the pleasure sector
d. study the extensive Help files when problems arise.

This is not a popular writing, I hardly make any friends with this, but it's my honest opinion.

@Mike: I think you did a good deed, presenting what you did. Salute, Chief!

@Mike: I think you did a good deed, presenting what you did. Salute, Chief!
For the record I agree, I didn't mean to suggest otherwise.

It's just the fact that they are charging for something that under normal circumstances could be received for free that upsets me.

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