kb4025339 stuck during installation?


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I did try to update kb4025339 under Windows Update but it just did get stuck on 5% on the prepering to install..
So I did download the file: windows10.0-kb4025339-x64_463d31d0ef8c18800ad5e5cc09927b263a99c352-msu and I did try to install it manuelly.

But now it has been stuck on:
Initializing installation... done!
Installing Security Update for Windows (KB4025339) (update 1 of 1)...

For about 30min, it has show some step forward in the progressbar but it not much and now it has been stuck on the same spot for about 30min.

The TiWorker.exe Windows Modules Installer Worker is using 12-15% of my CPU and 180MB of RAM.

How can I fix this? I'm running Windows Server 2016.


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I'd let it run a lot longer than that. I've seen server updates take close to 2 hours to complete.

If it's still stuck after a few hours create and upload the Windows log

PowerShell Command
Get-WindowsUpdateLog -LogPath $env:userprofile\Desktop\wu.txt