Keeping my PC clean!?

Alright so I just did a clean install of Windows 7 and want to keep my
[FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]PC [/FONT][FONT=inherit !important]clean[/FONT][/FONT]
(I am very obsessive about keeping my laptop as clean as possible). As seen in the title I use programs such as CCleaner, Remove Empty Directories (it is a program), and Glary Utilities to achieve this...I also keep all the Temp
[FONT=inherit !important][FONT=inherit !important]folders[/FONT][/FONT]
cleaned out as well.

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif, Helvetica]With that being said...I was wondering what your guys opinion is on the program Remove Empty Directories...used to delete empty files and keep my system from being clogged with pointless empty you think it is safe to use or should I just forget about this program?[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif, Helvetica]Also...I have received feedback in the past from people who seem to really know there stuff...and have been told running these programs often and keeping temp files cleaned out is a waste of time

What are your guys' opinions?

Never heard of it....but I would check the reviews out to see who likes it and the pro and con's of the program.


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I do similarly - keeping junk files cleaned up and defragging hard drive and registry. The effect of fragmentation is very over-rated but I still run it regularly. Empty folders are not going to cause problems either but I remove them just to keep things tidy on the basis of too much junk means you often can't see wood for trees. None of these practices is harmful but it satisfies my mathematician's desire for structure and tidiness! One you do need to be very cautious of is "duplicate file removers". They are likely to cause more problems than they solve - as you may be aware, many files are needed in multiple copies and blind removal can create havoc.

I used CCleaner for a long time and I can approve the program. In the past the defragmentation was very powerful. Do you know why is it outdated right now?


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Do you know why is it outdated right now?
It's not outdated and I recommend it's regular use either set to run automatically on a schedule or manually - it's not the answer to life and the universe in terms of system speed but it does make marginal improvements to run times especially where a lot of paging to and from disk is happening so is just one component of good practice in system maintenance.


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I use three programs to keep my PC tidy.

CCleaner, every day.

SuperAntiSpyware. Every few days.

Malwarebytes. Every day.

Defraggler, every day. Once you do the initial defrag it will let you just fix fragmented files.
This only takes a few minutes.

Just running these keeps my computer running like new.



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I run MSE with its default scan settings and also have CCleaner scheduled to run automatically on a daily (or maybe its weekly) basis. That along PerfectDisk and I never have to worry about my PC getting bogged down with junk. See configuration for CCleaner here:


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to keep my computer running as fast as new, i keep the clutter down with ccleaner, with an occasional run of windows enhanced disk
cleaner (to improve it go to run, type 'cmd,' then right click on the cmd that pops up to 'run as administrator' at the prompt that appears, type: cleanmgr/sagerun:1 ... this will give you many more cleaning options.) i also use wise registry cleaner. i just installed an old favorite, tweaknow powerpack, has a good registry cleaner in it. Soluto speeds up my boot, it's free also, i run system file checker (scans the integrity of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces the incorrect versions with the correct versions, if possible. Go to run, type 'cmd,' then right click on the cmd that pops up to 'run as administrator.'
At the 'c:' prompt type: sfc /scannow then press "Enter") and checkdisk while i sleep, the "r" flag takes a while at first (lists and corrects errors on restart: go to run, type 'cmd,' at the c: prompt, type chkdsk /f to fix errors or type chkdsk /r to check every sector on the hard drive and recover any readable information as well, which takes a long time, but it's worth it, on older hard drives, it will flag all of the bad sectors it finds, will route the software around them, which will stop windows from freezing up on those bad sectors. :)


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For me it's...





That pretty much takes care of everything.


PS. I should have included MSE!


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I have Avast Internet Security, paid for, and occasionally I use CCleaner, Malwarebytes, and Free Window Registry Repair.

Not to forget the physical part: keep your PC clean by a thorough vacuuming every 3-6 months. The hotter your environment is, the shorter the time span should be. :wink_smile:

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