Last Week on Channel 9: January 26th - Feburary 1st, 2015

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    Here are just 14 of the many shows published last week...

    Tour Around Visual Studio Online

    Have you ever looked at your code and thought that if you could JUST get it organized and versioned properly, you would be better off? Traditionally, version control meant you had to install some kind of server-based software that was hosted off of your dev machine; not necessarily a good option for most Indie Devs....

    GoingNative 34: Seattle C++Hawks and the Superbowl! (Round 2)

    it's just pronounced "see-hawks" ;)

    Join us as we celebrate the Seahawks at their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, and hear from former and current C++ team members talk =)...

    Edge Show 134: It's Ben Armstrong and what's new in Hyper-V

    In Edge Show episode 134, Rick is getting back in touch with on-premises technologies that are still very close to his heart. This episode has Rick reaching out to Ben Armstrong from the Hyper-V team to talk about all things new in Hyper-V found in the Technical Preview 1 of Windows Server. Ben outlines 2 or 3 big things and a bunch of "popcorn".

    Azure Websites and the "Deploy Button" with Elliot Hamai

    Scott talks to Azure Websites Software Engineer Elliot Hamai about the new Deploy to Azure button. It's magic, truly. You can just put a link on your GitHub repository that points to the Azure Deploy button and Azure will automatically create a websites and deploy the site directly from your Git Repository! ...

    DJ Nano uses Windows App Studio to Build His First App + 10 Language Subtitles Available

    DJ Nano describes how he used Windows App Studio to build an app including tour dates, exclusive videos, social media, and discography.

    Rudy Huyn -- Windows Phone addict

    Get to know Randy Huyn who has some of the most popular apps in the Windows Phone Store with 16 million downloads and counting.

    Transforming Education and Literacy with Windows 8.1 & Pearson iLIT

    Interested in seeing how Windows 8.1 line of business (LOB) apps are transforming commercial industries (e.g. retail, hospitality, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing) and public sectors (e.g. education, public safety)? Check out this multi-part LaunchPad series where we will spotlight critical LOB apps built on Windows 8.1. ...

    Endpoint Zone Episode 5: What's coming up in 2015 and Jack Madden!

    In this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson, Simon May asks Brad what's new since the last show (cyber attacks and world wide Intune roll-outs [00:20]). Next up Simon and Brad talk about the last 90 days in the world of Enterprise Mobility and Brad's architecture matters blog series. ...

    Introduction to API Reviews

    In this video, Dan Fernandez talks to Eric St. John, Immo Landwerth, David Kean, and Krzysztof Cwalina from the .NET team about API reviews. ...

    It's here! The Microsoft Ignite Session Catalog

    Hundreds of newly released sessions to spark your Ignite planning ...

    Ping 233: Dropbox App, Brain Box, Windows 10 (Freaking Holograms!!!)

    Rick and Mark have now completed 3 in a row! We're back - covering the news items MSFTies are Ping'in each other about. We cover your comments from last time and are trying to talk about OTHER new items since the BIG Windows event on January 21st... It's hard. ;) ...

    Git Training for the .NET Team

    This is a recording of the git training Andrew Arnott did for the .NET team. We bet you'll find this helpful, too! ...

    TechNet Radio: (Part 1) Supporting a Mobile First World - Introduction to Enterprise Device Management

    Kevin Remde and Blain Barton kick off a new 5 part series today on Enterprise Device Management. Tune in for part ...

    Defrag Tools #125 - PerfView - Part 8

    In this episode of Defrag Tools, Vance Morrison joins Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder to discuss his performance analysis tool, PerfView. In part 8 of this series, we show how to analyze the GC with PerfView. ...

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