Liars clowns and thieves: Microsofts folly

Discussion in 'Microsoft Products and Community' started by Ralph Bromley, Jan 22, 2015.

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    Who exactly did you call? Tech support? Obviously they're not going to know anything. Unless you called the devs I don't see how you could take this info to heart. Honestly, if today's Microsoft was the same as 2013's MS we wouldn't be getting Windows 10 at all. Microsoft has changed since it's new CEO... We should all know that, it no longer deserves to be shortened "M$" rather, it's earned it's title back as just plain MS. They're listening to their users, they're trying to prove that they're going to tell the truth and nothing else, why would they throw that away. Also on subscriptions... Nope. "This is more than a one-time upgrade: once a Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device – at no cost." At this point, so many people have heard of this news that if MS really did change it, there would be uproar, outrage, MS would lose tons of money.
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    again this could be the one hand not knowing what the other is doing, and I will try it again for RC

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