Limited Connection, Connections Available

Hi guys,
Having a weird problem. When I connect to wifi, it connects like normal. I enter my password, connects a little more then it just says Limited Connection. The weird thing is it isn't the regular icon, bars with a yellow triangle, but the new connection icon. I have updated drivers, then rolled back to original, tried a new router and have disabled and enabled it, tried 2 wifi adapters. Still Limited Access. Have no ideas of what to do now. A little info on laptop;
Windows 7 Home 64bit
Packard Bell Easynote TJ65
Atheros AR5B93 Wireless Network Adapter (built in and never touched)
Last month removed Ubuntu, everything working, this problem happened 2-3 days ago.
Sorry if I left out some information, Thanks guys.


Senior Member
Still having a problem? If so, verify that the attempted connection is to your own network and not a neighbor's. What kind of line of sight path is there between the laptop and the router (distance; floors and walls; duct work, wiring and plumbing in the floors and walls; major appliances)? Do you have the antennas attached to the router and wifi adapters and properly oriented? What version of wifi are you using? Where are you using the wifi adapters? (I'm assuming it is a wireless router and you identified a built-in adapter on the laptop). Did it previously have a good connection and the quality suddenly degraded? Any changes around the time the connection went bad (new location, changes to the computer)? Do you have, or can you borrow, another wifi laptop to see if both share the same problem? Have you noticed a black NSA van parked near your house that might be sucking up your signal? :)

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