Linux Mint 16 Mate

OK....I have it fixed. I now have the correct time on both OS's. Thanks to Trouble/Fixer1234 pointing me into the right directions, on and off the forum. Those suggestions lead me to the Linux Mint forum and after posting my question I had 2 answers that were spot on. This is how to correct the issue.

To edit your /etc/default/rcS file as root press Alt+F2 and type the command: gksudo pluma /etc/default/rcS
Then change UTC=yes to UTC=no, save and exit.

resource link:


Noob Whisperer
Good to hear. Glad you have it sorted.
Actually very nice to have an OP, who is willing to actually try some experimenting with different suggestions offered and pursue any number of different approaches to a possible resolution.
And actually post back and tell everyone how he arrived at his solution.

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