List Of reasons why Windows 7 is better than XP, which is WAY better than Vista and Longhorn!!!

Let's Begin with a few things:

WINDOWS XP: This OS may be efficient but is quickly becoming obsolete due to windows 8, but Windows 7 is even MORE efficient and has a LOT more support!, it's faster and more reliable in the long run as long as you keep it current!!, if you own an old PC, and it has a 1GHZ CPU, slam a gig of DDR400 in there and bash in a GeForce MX 420 GPU, then add windows 7 to the mix and you have a bottom of the line PC that is good for day to day tasks like surfing the web or playing minesweeper!!, not only that but the debugging and overall health of your system is more advanced and the PC will have an easier time running it!

WINDOWS VISTA: WTF are you still doing with that OS, it's taking ALL of the resources you could be using for games or someyhimg like that but instead, all that memory is being wasted on the OS, you can't even tun minesweeper straight unless the system you have was soully based on gaming!!

LONGHORN: The follow up to vista: less resource hungry and has no support as this OS was not officially released and I wanted it and can't find an ISO anywhere, but, it would have made life so much easier than Vista, I mean, WHAT WAS BILL GATES THINKING!!!???


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Pretty much:

Windows 2000 - Revolutionary (Good at most things compared at it's time), Bad details and stuff
Windows XP - Based on Win 2000, Better details (all the small things)

Windows Vista - Revolutionary (Nice layout IMO, not as "resource-hungry" as many people believe - frankly, I just think many people are prejudiced because <insert excuse>), Bad at pretty much everything else
Windows 7 - Based on Win Vista, All the small things are made much better

Windows 8 - Revolutionary but sadly designed more for touchscreen laptops/desktops and tablets - people who use the normal desktop (like me) simply have no reason to upgrade to Windows 8 (except for: USB 3.0, UEFI BIOS, Low power architec., Malware filters, bunch of performance improvements etc etc etc). If you're asking me, I hate Windows 8. They got rid of the Windows Orb (link: Google Image Result for

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