Windows 10 Live Tiles missing on primary monitor

Chris Hartsfield

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In windows 10, on my dual monitor system, the start button on the right provides group of live tiles, but on the left screen there are no live tiles showing up. I see how to turn off the tiles on the right monitor, but not how to turn it on in the left (and maybe how to turn it back on on the right screen if I turned it off.)
Did you upgrade the video drivers for your computer to Win10 or at least Win8.1 on your Computer? Please state make/model of the computer in question, the make/model of your dual-monitor video card or chip, and the make/model of each of your 2 monitors.

Is the computer you are having this problem on come pre-installed with Win10 on it or did you upgrade it from an earlier version? If so, which Windows version (IE: XP, Win7, Win8/8.1?).

Did you try switching monitors? Switch the Primary monitor to Secondary position on the video card and vice-versa? Might be a problem with one of your 2 monitors not handling the default refresh frequency from the output of your dual-video card. If you have the same problem, but the Secondary monitor now displays the live tiles ok, but not the Primary monitor, it's most likely a driver problem or a Windows setting. But, if the Secondary monitor DOES NOT display anything or doesn't display the live tiles, it could be that that secondary monitor is too old to work with Win10. Often updating the video driver from the manufacturer's website to Win10 will fix this type of problem--this has to be done manually by the way.

We had this problem a couple of years ago with a User upgrading from Win8 to Win8.1; and indeed it turned out of his his flat-planel LCD monitors couldn't handle the higher refresh frequency used by Win8.1 on his internal video card. He updated his driver to no avail, and tried the swap I mention above, but alas, it turned out his secondary monitor was just too old. Once he replaced it Win8.1 display correctly onto the new Secondary monitor! Problem solved.

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I found the issue. I had installed Start Menu 8 in the past and had forgotten about that. I uninstalled it and now my start buttons match on both screens. This can be closed.