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Hi All,
I was showing a friend some features of Windows 8.1 and went into the Settings and changed the Lock screen picture. Underneath the chosen pic there are four others that I can select or I can select browse below those and find other pics to use. I was wondering if there was a way to delete one of the pics I selected at random while showing my friend.
I found where they are located which is c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-1-5......
I found the folder inside there and delete it or delete the pics inside the folder. ( Backup first Please)
The problem is.... when I go back into the Lock screen preview screen, none of the pics are listed under the chosen pic (which is there of course). There is a blank space there but the Browse button is still there to select other pics. When I select another image from Browse it displays the image but the previous one does not show below it. Just a white space between the pic selected and the Browse button.
If I put the folder or pics back into that folder exactly like it was all the small pics below are back. I tried changing the pic in tat folder but that don't work :(.
Is there a way to delete a pic there or are we stuck with what we have selected?

BTW, if attempting to do what I done be sure to backup each folder first. It's a good thing I remembered to do so :)

Hope someone can help

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