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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Muncher, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I am putting together a computer system to be used at bars and clubs etc. It is going to contain a piece of software that will be able to run music videos out of it. Basically I want to be able to boot the system into windows 7 and have it appear on the Desktop with my icons. The icons will then be shortcuts to different parts of the software, help manual etc. I want the start menu to be minimal, maybe only have the following.

    - User Name
    - My documents
    - Limited Control Panel
    - Devices and Printers
    - Shut down and logoff
    - And a list of the shortcuts from the desktop


    - I want to disable Right click on the desktop and anywhere inside folders, yet remain inside of software.
    - Make it so the desktop background cannot be changed.
    - Maybe a way to disable any display on boot up so the systems Hardware is not displayed, still have the option to boot into Bios, boot menu etc but this is pass worded.

    No doubt there is allot more I'd like to have locked down, but I'll get into that more later if I can get started on this. Now I have been doing a little reading, only recently started with this area of my development so help will be appreciated. So far all I know is that allot can be done from the 'gpedit.msc' tool but how is this applied to a user account that boots straight up. So an admin account is separate and obviously has everything enabled. From what ive read everythign applied in the gpedit is applied to all users, (work around on this?)

    Have also been told there may be 3rd party software out there that could aid with this? Anybody know of anyhting?
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    I have many custom registry scripts from when I was in IT at our local library.

    One of my jobs was to make sure the public access computers were locked down.

    I could disable every single thing and only allow them access to Microsoft Office and they had to save to a floppy disk.

    List what you want disabled and I'll make a customized script for you.

    You;ll need to create two accounts, or place regedit on the desktop in the very top corner using a blank icon.

    No one caught on to that one.

    Or I can create an undo file if you need to do maintenance on the locked down computer. A simple double[click and the restrictions are gone.

    this is much faster and esier than using Group Policy editor.

    You could create the scipt for the current user and have that account boot up first.

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