Login screen is black.

Hi, i just updated my Windows 8.1 when I restarted my PC. When I was going to login, it was just a black screen. If you are in the login screen, the selected language in the right left corner and the internet connection in the left corner. Both of those two signs are flickering in the corners. And my cursor is also flickering. I would really like all kinds of help with this problem. Please help.

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I Will try that. Thank you!

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I suppose the link did not help your situation.. It might not on a UEFI system.

I have not seen a screen with the indications you describe. But I have the impression it might be related to a activation issue, or a Microsoft account/store issue.

Just for information, are you using a Online Account to log in, or a Local account? If you click the network symbol, what happens?

Does it make any difference if you are connected to a network or not?

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