Windows 7 login straight to desktop


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Currently when I boot up I have to enter a password. How can I change it so I can boot straight to my desktop, please?

If you remove the password it will boot straight into windows if you have only one account. Go into the User Accounts portion of the control Panel and click the remove the password. This will then let you automatically log into 7
yes,that did the trick. thx. Any idea why when I turn on my PC and it posts, my cursor will sit at the top left hand corner of my screen and blink for 3 minutes until I see windows is starting and finally get to my desktop?

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yes, I tried that and it did not work. Now what please?


Do the following. Start - Run - type in "netplwiz". This will bring you directly to the User accounts. Select the account you want to use and Uncheck the box that says "User must enter a user name and password to use this computer" Click apply and restart your computer, you will not be asked to type in a password.

Keep in mind tho that if this account is an admin account you need to remember the password in the event that you will need it for whatever reason.