Windows 7 Logitech Fusion Webcam Crash


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May 7, 2009
Weird problem with this webcam.

When i installed windows 7 x64 the webcam was detected by windows update then i installed all the drivers with success.

Later I had some alert messages for an unrecognized usb device, It was the webcam...

Then I went to the logitech website for a new driver, only found Vista 64, instal , success.

The webcam was working fine.


When i rebooted, after loggin, WerFault.exe error.... dllhost.exe error..... Not able to rech the desktop.

The only way to be back on track was to restore to an earlier point.

I want this webcam working !

any ideas ?


Intel Duo Core E8400 3.0 Ghz
4Gb DD2 1066 mhz
Raid0 Seagate 250Gb
Nvidia 8800GTX
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Sounds like your just going to have to wait until the manufacturer releases an official Windows 7 driver for your particular Webcam.. ;) Which could take some time as 7 is still only in RC stages... ;) If you tried the latest available Vista driver (which by the sounds of it you did) than as I said, the solution is to wait.. :)
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