Windows 8 Problem with Logitech wireless keyboard

John R Link

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Nov 26, 2012
After installing Windows 8 over Windows 7 on a Dell computer all worked well except for the Logitech wireless keyboard. When the shifted number keys were struck they printed an ASCII letter rather than their normal character. I substituted a USB keyboard with the same result. I have found no way to make the shifted number keys work correctly on this computer with Windows 8 installed. After restoring Windows 7, all worked correctly again. Am I alone with this problem? Are there any suggestions as I would like to reinstall Windows 8.
Hi John,

it might be down to which region has been specified for the keyboard. UK and US keyboards do differ and I'm wondering if this is your issue? If you install again and have the same issues, try checking this page in the control panel:

Thanks for the tip. I can't be certain now if that was the problem but I'll certainly check it out if I get the courage to install again :)
Thank you.
Well I hope you do John and we'll be here if you need us.. :)
I am running a Logitech K350 wireless on my desktop. My keys seem to work fine before and after downloading the Windows 8 drivers from Logitech.

Might I suggest you check the Dell site to see if any utility type drivers might be available? What model is your machine?
I picked one of the XPS models and did not see any Windows 8 drivers available. There is a Quickset Windows 7 driver for the system. Does the Keyboard setup in Windows 8 look about the same as Windows 7?

I saw the comments about language settings kemical mentioned.

Any Bios Updates?

Since these are USB ports, have you tried changing to a different port? Unplugging and replugging the wireless receiver?

I have a Dell laptop, but not running Windows 8, so I can't test it.
I finally got up courage to reinstall Windows 8 on the Cell XPS computer again. This time all went extremely well. The keyboard problem was caused by the "Constant Guard service" from Comcast. This was removed before the W8 installation. Thanks to all for your help.
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