lol. My Graphics card had a problem.


Reminds me of the time I used windows 3.1, but only.... newer.... My card does this from time to time and I have to keep reinstalling the driver. Oh, got to love the 8 bit era.


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haha the old "turn it off then turn it back on" trick doesnt fix this?


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What is the exact make and model of you graphics card?


Yup, I keep reloading the driver back on and it dies out when I plug in my Samsung monitor into it. I am not asking for help but sharing my wonderful experience with windows 7 driver problems on my computer. Dont get me started on my sound card ;)


Its the Nvidia 9600M GT in the new MacBook Pro (or in this case WinBook Pro because I never go on the mac side unless I need to edit something in Final Cut. haha...) I have 2 drivers I can use (one from apple that sucks and one from windows that sucks. Apple will not release new drivers for this anytime soon)

huh, they must have changed that recently because the last time I check to download the driver, they said to go to to download (which they only had the XP version that was on the CD). I am going to install that and try it out, thanks.

That looks awesome, you should keep it that way. :p

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