Loss of access previously provided by Homegroup


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The last Win10 update did away with the Homegroup (a problematic thing and probably good that it's gone), but I'm no longer able to access Music, Pictures or videos through My Sony Blu-Ray player. I have three computers on the network plus the Blu-Ray. One computer will allow the access of music, but no picturres or videos. The other two won't allow any access. I did re-enter HomeUsers as authorized users on those folders and that allows me to access those folders from the other computers, but not the Blu-Ray box. The Blu-Ray does see the computers on the network, but it does not show them all as available for the music, pictures or videos submenus. Even the ones it shows as available cannot be accessed for the actual files in most cases.

My PC shows the other computers available as media servers, but all of the folders are empty if I go there. I can access the files by going through the shared C: drive on each computer, going to Users\MyName\pictures, music or videos. This seems like a link problem somewhere, but I can't find it.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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