Loss of Administrator Privalege

I recently did a system cleanse using my anti virus software.
i used it primarily to remove unneeded start up programs.
in starting it up, my start menu has lost all programs, including folders like Accessories and Paint, Calculator, also my desktop was removed of all Shortcuts.
to open a program i have to go to c://Program files/ program . etc

I now cannot reset the start menu Properties as i get a message saying the "this operation was cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.

I only have one user, and my user is administrator. How do i find this restriction and why did i lose all the items.
Is this mor edue to my Security Settings or my Anti Virus software.

Software, iolo System Mechanic.


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This is NOT an AV app, it is a registry cleaner. You most likely wiped out portions of your registry without even knowing it. Registry cleaners have to used with caution at all times. I use CCleaner (free) but always investigate what I am cleaning before doing so.

There are many apps that work well to remove start up apps from the built in msconfig.exe to a little app I use called What's In Startup.


In your case, check to see if you have a System Restore point from before your cleanup effort. Have you created any backup Images. Either of these things could restore your system.

Short of these, you could try a Repair Install. If this does not work to fix your system, you most likely need to do a complete reinstallation of Win 7.


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I recently did a system cleanse using my anti virus software.
i used it primarily to remove unneeded start up programs.
My registry cleaner has a restore function to replace removed items. Maybe yours does, not sure.

But if you removed unneeded startup programs, where did you get the reference for what programs you could remove--the program itself or something else.

I have never run System Mechanic, but as Ted mentions, you are ultimately responsible for what it does, you have to be careful...

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I only run Ccleaner now. I learned the hard way about registry cleaners, I suspect the others have too. I always save the registry entries that get cleaned out. Did you try system restore from before you cleaned up?


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If you have a restore point before you ran the cleaner try and run that, it should restore your registry.

If you do use CCleaner it saves a backup of your registry every time you use it registry checker function if you allow it to.
You can use one of those to restore your registry too.

If you want to know how to set up your computer for the best performance and what can safely be turned off go to Black Viper's web site.

Black Viper’s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations | Black Viper's Website | www.blackviper.com

I've used the info from this site for years.

The safest way to turn off start up items is the app in CCleaner which is completely reversible.



i have a back up image. ill have to use that. and ive been using system mechanic as both a registry cleaner and anti virus.

it has a system shield app which works well.


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If it has a log or a restore option, we can probably tell you what you need to replace. It may be a simple registry entry that needs repairing.

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