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Windows 7 Lost my harddrive, but not really lost !?!


New Member
Jan 21, 2009

I have installed win 7 64 bit, on my computer, but it cannot show my samsung harddrive and i have 5 other harddrives witch it has no problem showing. When i look in the device manager i can see the drive working perfectly, but it does not figure in the disk management

I hope that somebody in here can help, because it is the drive that i have all my media content on, and i would hate to loose it.

PS. another thing i noticed is that it shows a floppy disk drive in the device manager, but i have not installed one in my pc, could this be related?


Problem solved :D

I am ashamed to admit that i did not read the sticky about what to do before posting a message :(

I solved it by uninstalling the harddrive in the device manager, and then let it search for new hardware. It found the harddrive and installed it again.

Now it figured in disk management, where i could import the harddrive, which it did with all the data saved.

Sorry about the unnecassary post, but maybe it can help others with the same problem

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i had a similar problem. W7 recongized my hdd but i couldnt access them. What i had to do was take ownership of the drive again.