Windows 7 Lost Windows Password with Russian Language Pack

Anyone please help. .....
I have w7 ultimate. Installation is russian but lang pack english is in use.
I set up a pwd, and reboot. IT DOESNT RECOGNIZE IT !!!!!??
The only tool i have is this smartphone. Im about to loose this contract if I dont get to my laptop acer 5742z!!!
Please please please, my email is
......... help


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Retrieving the lost password can be difficult and time consuming. If it is truly lost, the best method can be found here:


Please, in the future, try to be more descriptive in your title. Imagine the entire Internet with "Help" as the title of every web page. Thanks.

Thank you all for the replies, but... As I said, the only tool I have is this smartphone, hence no other pc access... I tried the old trick of removing the board's battery to no avail... And this smartphone is not usable as a usb key...
I am completely lost... I do know the pwd, but it just doesnt work... maybe due to keybord's language???

See if you can get into the BIOS and check for some setting about "master password" or any passwords for that matter and disable them.

I would like to thank everyone who tried to help me, although to no avail. I was completely shut down from the laptop, with no tools whatsoever and links to external software did not help because all I had was my smartphone and no one around with a pc to help me. I will now create a rescue usb disk.

I got to enter windows... In the top left corner of the screen there is a specific choice in a little icon named "RU". The first time I clicked on it, it showed me 2 choices "RU" and "CWI", which actually stands for "ENG", but in russian. So, "try and error" did the trick...

Again, thank you all, problem solved!!!

Congratulations! It's advisable to create a PCUnlocker Live CD which could be used to boot up your computer and remove a lost or forgotten Windows password. Keep you from running into some similar issues next time.

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