Windows 7 Major Laptop Crash - Windows 7


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Windows 7 was switched from Windows 7 Home premiere to Windows 7 Basic at the time. (Which is normal for it) I was closing a few programs, and they took a while to close. I got the not responding errors for one of them and let it close on its own so it wouldn't mess with my saved file. After it finally closed, my screen lagged for a second, then a 'Windows Explorer not responding' error popped up. Without completely reading it, I pressed cancel and everything stopped for a second, then disappeared leaving nothing but my screensaver. There was no task bar, 'start', ect. So I locked the laptop, then unlocked it (I have a button for that). Nothing happened. I did that several times, and it was the samething everytime. So I then hard-shutdowned my laptop (unplugged the charger and pulled out the battery), and restarted it. I chose the start-up repair option when it came to the 'boot option' screen. I've done the repairs along with the system restore, about four times now, and the laptop seems to only work while in Safe Mode.
I'm hoping I can get a response on what to do ASAP because I'm worried about my computer.

BTW: My files weren't harmed. They're all there.
Did you upgrade from Basic to Home? Upgrades are frequently a problem even with the same system. I would definitely backup all important data before doing anything else.
Yes, first back up all your important data then try a system restore from safe mode. You may well find it necessary to run a clean install (which is always prefereable anyway).