making my computer forget I ever hit "upgrade to windows 10"

I'm a windows 7 user. I held out on not upgrading to 10 until the last free day. I hit upgrade today, and its stuck at 0%. I've tried rebooting I just want to go back to 7- period. When I try to check for updates for 7, I can't see any, all I can see is an option to download and install 10, which I've tried and it seemingly won't let me do. Maybe it IS downloading, but I've waited quite a while and it never moves off 0%. I would really appreciate any help. I've even tried system recovery, but I still have no access to Win 7 updates.


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it is downloading and it can take a while yes (about a week in some cases) ... i would grab the iso dirrect from Microsoft instead of use the gwx app.
as of right this min the offical Microsoft tool is still up and lives here; Windows 10

i would expect it to be gone soon however.


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You better had hope you don't get any power surges or blackouts during the download, as it's now July 30th, and if it fails and doesn't remember it's position and the resume fails; you'll have to being the download all over again; and it's now past the deadline date. You could probably complete the download and install-but you may have missed the free upgrade window and have to BUY a product key in order to Activate your windows. This will cost $119 for Home; $199 for Pro retail pricing. Online pricing is $80-$205.

It would also help if you are plugged into your AC power (MAINS) via a good surge protector, or better yet a UPS in case of brownouts/blackouts during the download/install process.;)

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