Windows 7 Mama always said...


… Windows 7 is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. I decided to format my hard drive and reinstall Win 7. Let me rephrase that, after I uninstalled Silverlight and then the microphone on my laptop stopped working and I kept getting USB Bug Code errors and blue screens I decided to format my hard drive and reinstall Win 7. I had to do the phone activation. Now, for the first time ever I’m experiencing the following…

1. When I rename icons on my desktop they disappear.

2. When I open my “Computer” my laptop shows up as many as 4x under “Network”, depending on how other computers are on that I can share files with.

3. When I click on my wireless network signal strength a new “Netgear” network shows up. It was never there before. I have a Belkin router and my nearest neighbor is way too far away to be picking them up. It’s only from today.

4. I have 2 icons on my desktop, Computer and Recycle Bin. Today, at work, when I closed my browser, my wallpaper was gone and so was the Recycle Bin icon.

5. My CPU fan is running faster and more often. When I check the CPU temps, they are higher than they normally were.

I'm sure I'll find more tomorrow at work. I guess I’ll be spending more time this weekend on the phone doing yet another activation for this pile of crap as I format and try again. I remember there was a time when rebuilding a computer was fast, easy and hassle free… I think we called those days XP.
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