Matshita BD-MLT UJ-220S no longer working following Win 7 install

Hi all,

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-AR51SU Laptop which was running Windows Vista 32 Bit. I purchased windows 7 and installed the 64 Bit version.

Everything seems to work fine apart from my Matshita BD-MLT UJ-220S Bluray burining drive. The laptop only sees it as a CD Rom. the device appears with the correct name as above but only as a cd rom capability. It can read and write CD's and it can read normal Dvds. It no longer Burns Dvd or Bluray whatever I seem to do.

The sony site does not provide drivers or anything that will sort this out as they don't officially support this machine being upgraded to windows 7. I cant find any vista 64 Bit drivers for it as I imagine they would work, I cant even find the 32bit drivers for this device - Although I dont imagine that would work even if I did.

Can anyone offer any help advice on what I can do (apart from going back to vista 32Bit)? It has rendered the hardware useless and is very frustrating.

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Hey Martin and welcome

Ive linked the firmware u need providing its the sony Drive

Firmware is at the bottom i believe

VAIO : Sony Europe


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to add aswell , you can download VAIO update whihc will update your drivers for you. which i would recommend downloading

Hi Kaos,

I downloaded it and ran it but it resulted in an error saying "Firmware loader does not apply to the DVD/CD-RW drive that you are using"

I cant explain this. Its the same drive the machine came with.

Vaio Update no longer works on my laptop due to it being a fresh install of windows 7. I can install it but it finds no updates for the machine.

Any other ideas?



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On the side of the CD/DVD drive, what company makes it ., i,e sony etc.

Unfortunately there is no indication on the side of the machine/drive itself but I have been googling and it seems matshita/matsushita is the parent company of panasonic. It is most likely a panasonic drive. The laptop itself sony.


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just to add also , what burning software did you have before? Have u tried alterantive burning software?

I cant remember what the original stock software was. something like Click to DVD BD but cant download those anymore from the sony site.

Is there any software that will get the hardware working fully again? I really need it to burn and play Dvds again.




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you can use nero , that burns dvds

I have nero and it doesnt work. Whenever I try to burn Dvd or Bluray it says power calibration error, the burn process failed - Something it has only done since going to windows 7. As I said earlier it only sees the drive as a CD drive at the moment.

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Have you checked the drive manufactures site for a newer firmware, which will add new media descriptors which normally fix power calibration errors.


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Boot to bios and see if the drive is detected correctly. check the bios version, write down both the problem drive id and bios version. post them please.

you have 64 bit software on 32 bit hardware. which should render the software i/o 32 bit. but the drive should still be recognized by the bios.

32 bit and 64 bit explained

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