Windows 10 Memory 95-100%

Can someone explain me how i can solve this problem?
My memory seems to go near the 100% when i use my computer for a long time.
I had no problem before windows 10 and i have read there is some memory leak but no idea how to fix it.
The weird thing is that sometimes it does not occur for days and sometimes it occur several days in a row.



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Open an elevated powershell window and post the results of Get-Process | sort WorkingSet -Descending | select -First 10

I guess i need to do that when i am having problems or is it good any time?

Ps: Sry for slow reaction but i am sick for t moment :(


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When you're having the problem


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Yes you can also use Process Explorer to diagnose issues such as these, especially if it's a service running under svchost.exe, etc. Normally you do not see the sub services well using taskmanager alone of shared processes like these, but Process Explorer can help reveal the issue.

Link: Process Explorer


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I like to use the Resource Monitor which you can get to from the Task Manager on the Performance tab and look at the bottom of the window.

You can pull out a overview of memory usage on the Memory tab or look at the listing. If you check a box in the listing, it will filter for just that item.

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