Memory problem with BFE

I have a problem with windows 7. After few hours working the memory usage begin to rise rapidly and after some time it reaches 80 per. I have 4GB DDR 2 and the normal usage is about 30-35 per. My first idea was that there is memory leak in some of the new programs i've installed but in the end i found that the problem is in svchost.exe. i've downloaded process explorer and found that is the svchost.exe for the firewall DPS and BFE (Basic Filtering Engine) after stopping them one by one I have discovered that the problem is in BFE ( the working set drop down from 380kb to 70kb, there was no reaction when stopped the firewall or the DPS ) but i cant stop the service permanently because it is important. I have used the memory diagnostic tool there was no problems. So my question is if some one can give me hint what can cause the BFE to consume my memory.


The automatic update is on now i will check for updates :) can you send me the link where you've read this because it seems i can't ask google the right question :) the update center sad that there is no new updates available :)

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