Windows 8 Messenger Reviver 2: Keep using Messenger

Cool to see people are still taking an active interest in it. In my age group it died out when Facebook chat was invented. I wonder what Messenger had for market share when they killed it? I'm guessing they made the move for that reason. Hell maybe they even paid $8.5 billion for Skype just to stay relevant in the IM world.
The only reason I use messenger; is it allows you to text from PC to Phone for free. A service I used all the time and still do and will be sorely missed when messenger is finally killed off. As for the app, I'm not quite the app user, and will use it reluctantly if it does exactly what messenger did for me.
Phyllis I see your still using windows xp are you considering upgrading to windows 8?
if you will see the performance and efficiency of this old but gold kind of OS even you will not consider the up-gradation for 8 than XP... good is good an bad is bad no matter how new or old it's Mr. Admin..
No you cannot use WLM anymore. I have resisted the horrible Windows Live Messenger 2011 version for 2 years. And when they brought out WLM 2012 I never installed that either.

I had been using WLM 2009 version on my Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. Now Microsoft have blocked WLM completely, so I can't even use it on Windows XP anymore. Instead I get an error message, telling me to upgrade to Skype, which I don't want to do. So I have now uninstalled WLM.

Worse still, Hotmail is gone, and replaced by Outlook Mail which I hate. It's ugly and not user friendly at all.
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