Microsoft: Windows 7 Upgrade deal maxes out at 25 PCs


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There’s one more bit of small print regarding Microsoft’s Windows 7 Upgrade Option program, which the company unveiled officially last week, that may be of interest to business customers.

Via the program, users who purchase new PCs with Windows Vista preloaded from participating PC makers and retailers, as of June 26, will get coupons entitling them to a free copy of Windows 7 some time on or after October 22. The fine print: As InformationWeek noted, the Upgrade Option program maxes out at 25 upgrade coupons per customer.


who's gonna go out and buy 25 computers?


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business customers

in the case of business customers, wouldn't they be registering to whomever the end user is?

besides don't they have corp. product keys that are a few thousand dollars but has a large licensing


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Yes, large corporations use volume licensing for software applications such as Microsoft Office.

A smaller businesses may use the upgrade route to upgrade there PC's an may have more than 25 employees. They're the ones that are getting screwed.

in the case of business customers, wouldn't they be registering to whomever the end user is?
I used to work in the IT department at our local library and they bought 90 PC's at one time. 20 were for public use, 4 for each of the six branches and the rest for the main library staff.

These PC's are all registered to the library not the individual staff worker. All PC's are the property of the company who purchased them

at 90 licenses, wouldn't be cheaper and more efficient to get the volume licensing?


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Volume licensing has nothing to due with buying computers with operating systems already installed.

OEM operating sytem licensing is available to computer building building their own PC's.

Since the library was part of the county government, our PC's were sent out for bidding by various discounters and wholesalers.

We used Microsoft's volume licensing for Microsoft products such as Office Pro.

A while back when I was a student at a business institute I purchased Office 2007 Professional for $59.99 at a company called If you're a student in IT, you can have your school send them a letter along with your student ID to get special pricing on all high-end software. I remember seeing a retail box in a store , price listed was $799.00.
Who do you think is making the profit here?

Also, if you a student (or teacher) you can get full unrestricted versions of Microsoft Server 2008 standard, Visual Studio 2008 Professional, SQL 2008 developer, Robotics developper Studio, Visual Studio 2005 Pro, and more at:

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