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Whenever I talk publicly about Windows 8; Windows 8 enthusiasts are quick to point out all of the terrific things in Windows 8. Let's agree on that point. When I talk one on one with my customers however, other than the minority that are just apathetic about the interface and accept the high learning curve and the interface hassles; most I talk to absolutely do not like anything about the interface. The less than stellar reception from every day users is HUGE! I find myself configuring more and more Apple and Android devices. I feel MS seriously missed the mark this time.
I will not argue that Win 8 has some nice features. The absolutely (In my opinion) MISERABLE interface overwhelms all the positive things. Users should NOT have to get third party software like Classic Shell just to be able to be comfortable using the OS! Most I have talked to agree, it looks like a child designed the screen. Even the classic Desktop isn't. The missing and familiar start Icon is the first hassle. Not having a single click point to close Apps is the next. I feel a single click to close unwanted apps is FAR easier than non intuitive sweeping gestures. Control Panel is buried, and Windows self repair doesn't. A lot of features I used to use, have been removed, and features I don't use have been added. I don't give a flying biscuit about Aero, Transparent edges, or fancy graphics. I want it to work reliably, and be easy to use based on the products that came before this edition. Familiar and easily accessible features have either been buried, or deleted. Gestures are (to me) more complicated than clicking a mouse, and sometimes have to be repeated. The overall result is to kill my productivity. What once took me 2 clicks to access, now takes several gestures. Sometimes even with practice, I have to poke around, or repeat gestures to get what I want to come up. Based on my experience with Win 8, I will NOT own a Windows phone. Even with my unfamiliarity with the Android OS, I find it easier to use, and more pleasing aesthetically than Win 8. I have heard from the diehards, "you just have to get used to it". I've been using it for months, and STILL don't like the interface.

Now that I have expressed myself, I would like to start a discussion and hear form all 3 points of view. Those that like the interface and feel they can explain why they like it; Those that Don't have any strong feelings either way, and those that don't like the interface (All or part.).

Has Microsoft seriously missed the mark? With the exploding popularity of Android Tabs, and increasing hardware and software support, what will this mean for Microsoft? Will they be able to share the market? If in fact they did miss the mark with Win 8, can they "bounce back" and regain the lions share of the market? I have heard the Windows Tab is not doing as well as expected. Is that true? and if so, what impact will that have overall? Do inquiring minds really want to know? :)

I would seriously like to hear from those that agree, disagree, or have an opinion on the questions.

Only one comment from me. The subject has been totally exhausted, in several other threads, in all aspects.
Thanks for the reply. I tried to find an already active thread on this exact subject before posting. I just cruised the subject lines, and didn't find one that looked relevant. I saw a great many frustrations addressed one at a time, but not one that addressed the interface experience as a whole.

I didn't write the previous post as "Bashing", but I suppose in a way, it is. Sorry; It was meant to open a discussion on what people do like about the interface, and what might be reasonably done by MS to fix what isn't. I also know this isn't an official MS site. I do however hope they read the problems, and comments posted here, and take that into consideration in their plans to revise the product. That being a secondary aspect to this forum, which I feel is a knowledge base of a bunch of wonderful people, giving their time to others, and helping those with problems. When I need help with the OS or interface, this is the first place I look. Thank you davehc, and all the other members.

Still, I wonder if MS has any plans to fix (Yes Fix) the interface. It may be salvageable, but not, I feel, in it's current form. The OS itself, has a broad and established user and hardware base. This will help. The questions in my previous post are based on a failed interface. Weather this interface has really failed or not; only time will tell. I LIKE the Windows OS. I want to see it continue and prosper. It will not continue however, if the interface is not predominantly well liked. New and credible compitition will eat it alive.

If this subject has been beaten to death elewhere, I guess I need to check the other threads.
Thanks for the heads up,
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I would expect to see a new wave of window 8 bashing starting if not all ready started with the release of desktops and laptops with windows 8 preinstalled. For those who just go and buy a new machine and don't bother with the upgrading of their OS.

I'm like you dave, crap I've seen enough of it for a life time but to be expected I guess.
I would expect to see a new wave of window 8 bashing starting if not all ready started with the release of desktops and laptops with windows 8 preinstalled. For those who just go and buy a new machine and don't bother with the upgrading of their OS.

I'm like you dave, crap I've seen enough of it for a life time but to be expected I guess.

True enough I guess. I would imagine people are buying a new desktop, or laptop to replace their old XP machine; and getting a real (Unpleasant?) surprise once they get it set up and try using it. Windows 7 no longer seems to be an option on new machines, and revision to Win 7 is not offered on new machines for those who don't like the new interface.
One simple change will alleviate most of these Modern Interface problems.

Install Classic Shell or Start8 and use these apps to:
1) automatically boot to the Desktop UI
2) disable hot corners on the Desktop UI

This 1 minute change will quiet almost all UI problems!
:) Thank you for your reply. Classic Shell and Start 8 are not widely known. Most average users, I am finding, will not visit this forum, and word of mouth is just to slow. I am spreading the word at work about Classic Shell, and Start 8, as best I can. Although it seems like I visit a lot of people, I'm not going to even make a dent in the total user base. The point is, A third party App or program should not have to be used just to make the interface comfortable to use for the average user.

To be fair, a great may people I visit would not find Classic shell, or Start 8 even if it was included with Win 8. It would have to be a nice big tile right in front of them that says Use Classic Interface, or something that stands out. I also tell people about on-line documentation, and even show them where to go. The information overload is just to much for most, even though I find it easy. For those people who are visiting this thread based on the title, and looking for help,

Training and help can be found at: Windows 8 Accessibility Tutorials

A Product Guide can be Downloaded here: Download Windows 8 and Windows RT Product Guide from Official Microsoft Download Center

I was given my copy of Classic Shell, but you can find it here: Welcome to Classic Shell. Classic shell is free, but you can donate to the authors.

Start 8 can be found on C/net. It costs about $5.00 us, but is worth the small donation You can find that here: Start8 - CNET, Or I believe this is the Start 8 Home Page:

There are a lot of Video tutorials on, this is one of the good ones: If you are not using a tablet or a touch screen, just ignore the overlay, and it will go away after several seconds.

This information is also available elsewhere in this Forum, but I figured I would include it here. I hope it helps.

Thanks for reading,
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